R scripts for Research on Sustainability

Author: Dr. Yosune Miquelajauregui Graf

This digital repository contains R scripts which have been developed for LANCIS, UNAM.

All scripts are property of LANCIS. R Scripts Catalogue

This catalogue is divided in two sections. The first section contains a collection of scripts which were developed to manipulate, analyze and visualize data used for sustainability research. The second section is composed of scripts developed to perform statistical analyses and to implement mathematical models of socioecological systems.

Data Science

Manipulation, Analysis and Visualization

  1. Analyze flooding/Ponding data provided by Unidad Tormenta (SACMEX) for the period 2007-2014
  2. Calculate conditional probabilities of flooding/ponding events given precipitation inputs
  3. Analyze climatic data for México city under global change
  4. Multivariate analysis to identify homogeneous regions within Mexico city
  5. Precipitation analysis
  6. Severity of flooding/ponding events
  7. Analysis of type of flooding/ponding
  8. Data Science: handling missing values. An example using meteorological data
  9. WRF validation (under construction)
  10. Runoff analysis(under construction)

Statistics and socioecological systems modelling in R

  1. Introduction to R
  2. Stochastic data generation, building functions and loops
  3. Apply family and bestiary of graphics
  4. Descriptive statistics
  5. Simple and multiple linear regression
  6. Maximum likelihood, Akaike Information Criteria and multimodel inference
  7. Generalized lineal models: Poisson and negative binomial distribution
  8. GEE for repeated measures
  9. [Introduction to modelling of socioecological systems]